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Ever since casino games were introduced, players have been constantly trying to find a way to beat the house and offset the proverbial edge. Blackjack is one of the most popular games and it comes as no surprise that most of the betting systems and strategies revolve around it. A definitive answer is yet to be found and the best proof that there is no blackjack strategy that is guaranteed to turn players into winners is that both land-based and online casinos are still offering this game.

One of the easiest blackjack strategies goes by the name of ”Martingale” and it is basically the same system used by roulette players. It can be safely applied to any game where players have a 50% chance of winning, as it requires them to double the investment after each losing round. Whenever they fail to win a hand, players are supposed to bet twice as much, so when they eventually win they will offset all previous losses and win one unit. The problem with the strategy is that if the losing streak is long enough, players can go bust and lose their entire bankroll, for the prospect of winning a very small amount. “Paroli” is another popular expert blackjack system which is basically the exact opposite of the Martingale as it demands players to double the investment after each winning ground. It goes without saying that this expert Blackjack betting strategy doesn’t help in offsetting losses, but instead makes it possible to maximize winnings whenever you hit a lucky streak. Anyone can use this expert Blackjack strategy even if he has a small bankroll, because the stakes only go up when players win consecutive games.

Blackjack Parlay Betting Strategy is a hybrid between the aforementioned strategies, because it allows players a great deal of freedom. It bears some similarity to the “Paroli” system, because players only wager the winnings, but they decide how much of the recently make profits they reinvest. The idea is to bet the initial amount plus a part or all of the profits, so that consecutive winnings will lead to a bigger payout without increasing the risks.

Last but definitely not least, the Oscars Grind system is aimed at helping blackjack players quickly offset losses, without going over the top as if they were using the Martingale. Players back the same amount until they lose a hand and when that happens, they increase the investment by one unit. The difference between the strategy and the aforementioned expert Blackjack system is that you don’t double the size of the best, hence risk going bust. Sometimes losing streaks can stay active longer that players can stay solvent and that’s why this strategy has certain benefits over the Martingale, especially for risk-averse blackjack players. Read our Slots lv review 2014 to learn about an instant $22 no deposit bonus in 2014.

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