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Updated in: April, 2018 - In both land-based and online casinos, blackjack remains one of the most popular games, for reasons that have to do mainly with the low house edge. Even though people claim to be playing casino games mostly for fun, everyone hopes to win and it makes perfect sense to choose those games that give you the best odds. At least in theory, those who use the perfect, expert blackjack strategy will decrease the house edge to the point where both the player and the dealer have virtually the same chances to win. The beauty about expert blackjack is that everyone can pick up the basics and hone his skills gradually, without being a huge underdog.

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Before moving on to expert blackjack strategy and tips, players should master the basics and know when they are supposed to stand and went to keep, based on the dealer's up card. To start with, players should stand on 13 if the dealer shows a 2 or 3, do the same on 12 when the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6 and also refrain from hitting on 17, if the dealer reveals a 7 or a higher card. The best case scenario for players is for the dealer to have an up card of seven or less, because this means that he has a good chance to go bust. Basically, all that the players need to do is to wait for the dealer’s hands total to exceed 21 and cash in on the price. Players are naturally trying to maximize the return on investment and this is where the double down feature comes in.

Just as the name suggests, when the player decides to double down, he will have a chance of winning twice as much as on a regular hand. The trick is that if you decide to do it, you would only receive one more card and you can't hit again regardless of how low your card total gets. That's why the right thing to do is to only double down when you have a total of 11, to maximize the chances of winning the hand. When it comes to splitting cards, players need to think twice before performing these actions, because they might be forsaking a decently strong hand for an illusory monster hand. Splitting low cards makes no sense, but players should always split 8’s because they have a good chance of making a hand that is at least as good as the previous one.

It is even more obvious that aces are supposed to be split whenever you've got the chance to do so, but there is a downside that players need to be aware of. When they decide to split aces, players would only receive an additional card for each case and they won't be allowed to hit again. It is basically the same thing as when players decide to double down, not to mention the fact that if they hit a 10, the hand will count as 21 rather than blackjack. Check our other pages for more advanced, expert Blackjack strategy, tactics and tips.

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